Our Solutions

  • Are you planning on outsourcing of all or part of your Customer Relations as part of your development strategy?
  • Our Consultancy Managers will help you find customized solutions that are tailored to your needs.

Customer Relations Solutions

We establish strong customer relations with our partners, to promote their brands and development. To do this, we rely on our key strengths: 

Synergy & best practice sharing with our 134 partners
Geographical diversity: 4 countries, in-off-nearshore
End-to-end management of the customer journey on all interaction channels
Innovative & technical solutions for a successful customer experience

An expert in customer relations, armatis-lc relies on its expertise and infrastructure to provide comprehensive services:



The armatis-lc eCampus provides training solutions to address all your competitiveness issues. We are listed in DATADOCK, the training body search tool.  We offer more than 100 blended learning modules on an in-house e-learning and assessment platform, the eCampus. 

We also offer innovative learning and skills-enhancement programmes via game-based e-learning and the Skillcatch app. 

Training is an investment that enables you to optimise your overall performance. It is also an opportunity for your employees to develop. Our eCAMPUS programme meets your needs: innovative methods, creative concepts, personalised learning.

Some of the areas we address include: customer relations, management, contact centre management, prevention of psychosocial risks, luxury brands, etc.  Innovation | Flexibility | Fun | Professionalisation

tax registration no.: 11921588392



Armatis-lc drives innovation and puts its expertise and experience at your disposal. Our teams of advisors support you in three areas:


The abC team is made up of specialists in integrated solutions for customer relationship management. 
You will receive support to carry out complex operations affecting your Organisation, your Processes and your IT Systems. Our teams work alongside you to deliver made-to-measure, innovative and practical solutions that create value. Our teams will also be responsible (fully or partially) for the roll-out of innovative technical solutions (SAAS, CRM, etc.) that meet your specific needs, be they internal or external.


The leading French customer surveys specialist since 1995 (Marketing Research News). The INIT team helps you carry out your customer loyalty and satisfaction surveys.
We will be by your side for each of the three steps in the process:

  • Project management and engineering
  • Conducting the surveys
  • Statistical and graphical assessment of the results


Our multidisciplinary YBOO team are here to help with your data management challenges and to design innovative production solutions and media platforms.
We take our years of experience in the field of marketing information communication, studies and sampling and put them to good use in tackling all your issues relating to the communication of marketing, commercial and operational information, whether internal or external.
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