• 25 years of experience in customer services. Established relationships with our main customers for 20 years.

    Our mission

    To provide design and management services for customer relations strategies, acquiring customers and securing customer loyalty.
  • Our goals

    Consistency of the customer experience, perceived quality and relational capital.
  • Our strengths

    Our ability to take action throughout the customer life cycle and in all interaction channels. Innovative, value-creating solutions with leading partners in their markets.A CRM Socle© (SAAS/Licence) tool, using interaction modules (SVL, SMS, email, chat, social media), automated Customer Relation dashboard. 

Customer Relations Solutions

We establish strong customer relations with our partners, to promote their brands and development. To do this, our main strengths are: 

Synergies & sharing of best practices with our 134 partners
Territorial diversity: 4 countries, in-off-nearshore
100% of the customer path addressed on all our interaction channels
Innovative technical solutions for a successful customer experience

armatis-lc, Operations Integrator

An expert in customer relations, armatis-lc relies on its expertise and infrastructure to offer comprehensive services:

armatis-lc, Solutions Integrator

Our armatis-lc Business Consulting, INIT and YBOO teams support you in developing innovative solutions:

Operational advice
Analysing, structuring and supporting our partners in changes that affect their remote customer relations operations
Prospective Solutions
Providing you with organisational and technical solutions in order to fashion a multi-channel, fluid, simple and coherent customer experience.
Garnering satisfaction
Mining customer data in order to ensure ongoing improvement of the proposed services.

armatis-lc, Training organisation

Our armatis-lc CAMPUS is an approved training centre (declaration of existence no. 11921588392)

The armatis-lc Campus proposes training solutions that address all your competitiveness issues. We are referenced in DATADOCK, a training organism referral aid tool. 

We propose more than 100 blended learning modules on an in-house e-learning and assessment platform, the eCampus. 

We also propose innovative learning and skills-enhancement methods using game-based e-learning and Skillcatch. 

Training is an investment that enables you to optimise your overall performance. It is also an opportunity for your employees to develop. Our CAMPUS programme meets your needs: innovative methods, creative concepts, personalised learning. 

Some of the areas we address include: customer relations, management, contact centre management, prevention of psr, luxury... 

Innovation | Flexibility | Game-Related | Specialisation

armatis-lc - A strong commitment to data protection
Our Group’s economic activity, which by its very nature deals with large quantities of Personal Data, makes it absolutely necessary for us to be completely transparent about how we handle data and the conditions under which the data is retained, stored and protected. Armatis-lc Group’s Privacy and Data Protection Charter is intended as a reminder of the company’s commitment to respecting the fundamental principles of Personal Data protection set out in the EU Treaties and putting in place the technical and organisational measures necessary for the protection of Personal Data in accordance with the provisions of the General Data Protection Regulation and the recommendations issued by the supervisory authorities in the countries where the processing is carried out.

Consult our Privacy and Data Protection Charter 


Bringing together expertise and the human factor

The group's values are centred around our human capital. Our teams are our strength. Thus: 

80% of positions are filled internally

75% of managers come from from the field

A corporate university: "The armatis-lc Campus"

An approved training organisation

Investment in training at 6% of the total payroll

Our Corporate Culture: 4 values 


At armatis-lc, there are no "one-size-fits-all" solutions. Instead, we have experts who share a passion for their trade and are driven by the same spirit of discovery. 
So much the better, since the made-to-measure responses we provide to our customers allow us to think outside the box. 

We are open to others and explore the world, sharing experiences and enriching our cultures. Our commitment both in France and abroad allows us to better grasp our customers' problems and give our employees better tools.

Each project for us is a new start. By defining precise standards and targets, we aim for excellence and complete customer satisfaction. 

armatis-lc places the human factor at the core of all its activities. We draw our strength from meeting our commitments to our employees, our customers, and the world around us. 

Learn more about our Code of Ethics  

Our Labels

In an intensely competitive environment, the armatis-lc group remains firmly committed to the principles of social and corporate responsibility. 

We undertake to conduct our activities by willingly integrating these principles into our development strategy, targeting sustainable economic growth, social and environmental concerns, and behaving, in our interactions with our stakeholders (employees, customers, suppliers, local institutional players, associations and shareholders), with respect, ethics and integrity, and in accordance with the laws of the countries in which we are active. 

We develop this culture on a daily basis, in a company experiencing significant growth, and these commitments are reflected through our various labels.

CSR: 2017 Progress Report

The Global Compact is a United Nations initiative launched in 2000 to encourage companies around the world to adopt a socially responsible attitude by undertaking to integrate and promote various principles relating to human rights, international labour standards and the fight against corruption.

armatis-lc is a signatory of the Global Compact, and as such it is committed to carrying out its activity by freely integrating these principles in its growth strategy, targeting sustainable economic growth, social and environmental concerns, and behaving, in its interactions with stakeholders (employees, customers, suppliers, local institutional players, associations and shareholders), with respect, ethics and integrity, and in keeping with the laws of the countries where it is active.

As a testament to our commitment, every year we issue a report on our actions relating to these issues to the United Nations, and this year we have decided to share it with our stakeholders as well.

It is indeed important for everyone to own, share and live the CSR approach on a day-to-day basis. In this way, our action will acquire its full meaning, becoming a collective force for commitment and responsibility.Check the report 

Key Figures

of our partnerships renewed

partners, 7 trade sectors 

of our employees under permanent contract
million records/contacts in 2016
Ranked no. 1
in production capacity in France


Twenty-three sites around the world

With nearly 10,000 job roles distributed across 23 sites in 4 countries, the armatis-lc group boasts a strong international presence.
It has a long history in France, and recently opened up to the European markets, particularly in Poland and Portugal, as well as Tunisia.
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