Denis Akriche

“armatis-lc, a life story”

When I created this company in April 1989 and started working out of an office in the basement of one my wife’s shops, how could I have imagined that there would be over 10,000 of us today?

armatis-lc is a human success story above all else: men and women, increasing in number every year, who share the same values of hard work, respect for others, commitment, and continuous improvement, all serving a mutual passion: customer satisfaction.

Ambition, a key driver of development, only becomes meaningful when placed at the service of the company’s values.

My mission as head of the company is to understand the major trends of the environment in which we operate, to identify medium-term strategies and to keep checking that our short-term approach fits with our plans for the future. It is also my responsibility to ensure that the company always upholds its values and that the men and women who help shape it day after day can always be confident in its future.

In an world that is changing ever more quickly, even armatis-lc faces a number of challenges.
It is our firm belief that the future of armatis-lc will involve developing our activities internationally on the one hand and expanding our innovative services on the other. With this in mind, in 2016, we completed the acquisition of 4 companies and intend to continue in this vein in the years ahead!
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