Laurence Lelouvier

“A company that is, first and foremost, people-focused and results-driven”

The dynamism of our group has enabled us to achieve consistent, targeted and rapid growth whilst preserving our DNA: an HR policy resolutely focused on our human capital.

In a highly competitive environment undergoing significant upheaval, we must continue to innovate to anticipate the needs of our customers and ensure a rich, diverse and human experience for our employees.

Our ability to bring through and develop talent is a real strength. We have created all the right conditions for people who want to invest in themselves, evolve, and take on responsibilities, all without any discrimination.
Our diversity is our wealth.

During my more than 20 years with the Group, I have had the opportunity to create and then develop an innovative and socially responsible HR policy that has always promoted a demanding yet caring style of management. During the last two years have we have supported our Group internationally, and seen our businesses diversified. Major challenges for us all.

Today, as Senior Vice President, my role is to build our development strategy, together with the Board, and to support the group in its transformation. Whilst pursuing my role within the HR function, particularly the development of an international HR policy that adheres to our values, I also support the operational and commercial management of the group’s major accounts.

My teams and I work every day to maintain the satisfaction of our clients and our employees, who we must help as best we can to prepare for the challenges of tomorrow.

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