Pascal Malidin

“Managing expertise is a prerequisite for innovation”

We should always learn from our customers. I often remember the words of one of our major clients, who told us that our goal was to strike a balance between three elements: customer satisfaction, employee wellbeing and economic performance.

The Operational Expertise Control Department coordinates operational support, focusing its expertise around three major areas:

1. Quality and customer satisfaction, with the goal of rooting out dissatisfaction before it even manifests itself.

2. Optimisation of how we provide resources to better support our clients, in order to match our services as closely as possible to their requirements.

3. Productive work spaces, which should make our clients feel at home when they are with us, and enable our employees to thrive in innovative and appropriate working environments.

The department also works preventatively, by means of ongoing operational performance reviews and measures, and correctively, by means of audits during which it is able to leverage its full expertise.
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