Banking and insurance


Context and sector issues

A sector that is evolving on several fronts: competition, digitalisation, FinTech, regulatory constraints,
transformation of the customer journey and data protection.
The banking and insurance industry of today and tomorrow
needs to be agile.

Your customers are seeking new features, practices are
changing, and offerings and points of contact are increasing in number and
intersecting. Websites and mobile applications are creating a new level of proximity to
customers, who have themselves become more autonomous and unpredictable.

The banking and insurance industry is reinventing its customer
relations to harness the many opportunities offered by digital technology and to meet the needs of more demanding and tech-savvy
customers, all while capitalising upon its
key assets: relevance and expertise.

In this ever-changing environment,
armatis-lc supports and stands by its partners to address the challenges of tomorrow

Armatis-lc solutions

A department dedicated to banking and insurance customer relations to provide tailored support
throughout the customer lifecycle.

Finding new customers – Acquisition
We reach out to prospective customers to ensure that they choose our partners.
We convert each interaction into an opportunity to gain business. We contribute to the aims of our partners’ networks by positioning ourselves as a complementary sales “strike force”.

Service and assistance
We combine expertise in customer relations and technology to ensure a positive experience
at every point of contact, and we strive to reduce customer effort. We bring to life our partners’ values and commitments in our everyday interactions with their customers.

Gaining loyalty – Multiple products
We develop knowledge and understanding of customer expectations to offer a personalised experience, to reduce attrition rates, to reassure, convince, and increase the product ownership rate and, ultimately, the value of our partners’ portfolios.

Disaster management
We support policyholders at every step of the way, in a straightforward and informative manner, while also adapting our systems to the customer’s circumstances.

Our experience

Our knowledge of the banking and insurance industry enables us to
anticipate and propose solutions that are consistent with the major transformations
in the sector.

Systems that balance industrialisation, cost optimisation,
the maintenance of a competitive advantage and research excellence in order to foster a sustainable

A portfolio of expertise uniting best practices and innovation, with a wealth of
more than 15
years of experience
as a broker, an ORIAS-registered intermediary agent and a French intermediary in banking and payment services
transactions (IOBSP)

Specialised project teams, consultant training staff and
employees with IAS and IOBSP certifications who facilitate a
customer relationship on a daily basis combining expertise, compliance and the desire to satisfy

Production systems that comply with sector-specific restrictions
relating to data security and traceability
requirements (Solvency II), banking transaction security (PCI DSS), flexibility of
transactions, portfolio management, taking into account cross-channel synergy (multi-channel,
digital, physical, etc.).

They trust in us

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