Distribution and e-commerce


Context and sector issues

Boosted by the increasing popularity of mobile sales channels and marketplaces, the turnover from e-commerce is expected to reach €80 billion this year.

In 2017, the key is to make constant improvements to the customer experience, etc.

Mobile and ultra-connected, e-shoppers want it all, and they want it right now.

It is therefore critical that brands develop their multi-channel approach to minimise customer effort while offering a seamless, personalised experience.

At the same time, brands need to identify which information is useful to collect, secure any gathered data and improve user awareness to trigger ever more interactions in a smooth purchasing journey.

The challenge now is to extend the customer base, gain their loyalty and increase their purchasing frequency.

It is against this background that armatis-lc supports brands in making their ambitions a reality, while reinventing themselves to address the challenges of tomorrow in an ever-changing environment driven by chatbots, augmented reality and artificial intelligence.

Armatis-lc solutions

We support our partners in this sector through a wide range of expertise grouped within a “Distribution and e-commerce” department. This expertise covers all aspects of the customer’s journey and is complemented by a multi-channel and multilingual approach.

Informing – sales advice :
We convert customer interactions into opportunities for selling, up-selling, repeat buying and converting abandoned shopping baskets, all in compliance with the PCI DSS standard.

After-sales — Gaining loyalty:
Our teams monitor deliveries and product returns, and resolve the most complex of situations
(delays/lost deliveries, errors, disputes, cosmetovigilance, etc.). The goal is to offer customers a unique experience. In order to do this, we push ourselves to the next level, offering qualitative and efficient processing from the very first point of contact.

We work to support our customers at every step of their purchasing journey, and to develop their autonomy in straightforward and informative ways, while also adapting our systems in response to circumstances.

Recovery and retention:
We offer tailored and robust financial recovery strategies that gain loyalty: from a simple reminder to disputes.

Social networks :
We manage interactions with customers via social media to optimise brands’ visibility, uphold their reputations and develop their businesses and customer knowledge. That’s why the armatis-lc teams are committed to ensuring an exceptional digital relationship.

Measuring satisfaction:
We measure customer satisfaction, analyse conversations and propose areas of improvement for services and work procedures

Our experience

Teams specialising in remote commercial management to deal with issues affecting our partners:
business development, self-care, process optimisation, customer satisfaction and more.

Processing teams that work to individual specifications (multi-channel management, VIP customer services, multilingual platforms, e-reputation, etc.) and are adapted to the specific restrictions of the sector (managing sales representatives, suppliers, buyers and marketplaces, etc.)

Expertise with market tools (zendesk, diabolo, salesforce, Iadvize, etc.) and ability to manage performance indicators that are specific to the sector (managing files, email and social media response times, conversion rates, customer effort, repeat buying, etc.)

The ability to offer a tailored customer experience, the bedrock of our partners’ reputation, and analysis of the customer voice through surveys and studies, satisfaction assessment, and operational support to enable us to get as close as possible to the expressed need.

Achieving recognition with our partners by our side, such as our nomination for “Customer Service of the Year”.

The option to support our partners at international level through mixed, inshore, nearshore and offshore solutions.

They trust in us

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