Context and sector issues

With more than 36 million private electricity meters and 11 million for gas, energy is one of the major consumer sectors. 

This market has changed enormously since the 2000s: from a public, regulated and centralised sector to an open and competitive market. Gaining customer loyalty and satisfaction is therefore key to succeeding as an energy provider.

The customer must now be repositioned in their role as consumer: as an active participant the management of their contracts and consumption. To do this, companies need to develop a policy of support and services that will gain loyalty and provide individual, innovative solutions to ensure that customers continue to consider their productabsolutely essential.

In this sector, a former monopoly marked by its history and lack of flexibility on prices and services, the major challenge for current energy providerswill be to offer an outstanding customer experience and a simplified journey in a digital environment.

armatis-lc supports the major players in this sector in their transformations within an environment focused on responsible consumption at the heart of a managed, modern, multi-channel and responsible relationship.

Armatis-lc solutions

Our specialised energy department supports our partners in this sector thanks to its wide range
of expertise covering the entire customer journey.

Information - Advice:
We inform, advise and support customers with regard to managing their accounts and their consumption, working to promote web services, to develop autonomous practices and reduce contact rates.

Contract opening - Marketing:
Our experts manage service implementation and convert customer interactions into opportunities for added value and upselling, whether through incoming contact or outgoing call campaigns.

Contract management:
We monitor and manage the ongoing relationship, covering all the elements of a customer account lifecycle, as well as intermediary management tasks, written and verbal complaints, complex cases and goodwill gestures.

Financial management – Recovery:
Our middle-office and back-office teams perform the most specialised of tasks: invoicing and adjusting invoices, changing payment methods and schedules, providing refunds, etc.
We deploy tailored and robust financial recovery strategies that gain loyalty: from a simple reminder to a dispute.

Social networks :
It is vital, strategically speaking, to interact, respond to questions and reassure customers through social media. That’s why the armatis-lc teams are committed to ensuring an exceptional digital relationship that offers a sense of community while complying with legal requirements.

Measuring user satisfaction:
We measure satisfaction (on-the-spot and follow-up surveys), analyse conversations and propose areas of improvement for services and work procedures.

Our experience

armatis-lc has held the trust of France’s two major historical energy providers for more than 10 years, both on the wholesale and private markets.

Large-scale systems structured across multiple sites and administered centrally, and a field of action that covers the entire customer journey.

A tailored approach that is specific to the brands in their launch phase or mid-sized distributors, based on providing advice, acquiring customers and gaining loyalty.

Contact centres that meet sector-specific needs with regard to continuity of operations (back-up sites), data security (secure sites), flexibility and more.

Proven expertise in the implementation of innovative media, such as Visio chat, to increase accessibility.

Listening to and analysing the customer’s voice through on-the-spot or follow-up satisfaction surveys and a continuous improvement approach to services.

They trust in us

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