Context and sector issues

A globalised and highly competitive market, the health sector continues to grow strongly in France and remains a key job-creator.

However, healthcare professionals face reduced funding due to the government’s gradual disengagement in favour of private social protection, more stringent controls and a complex regulatory environment.

The healthcare sector is transforming to meet these financial constraints while taking account:

- Ever-growing demands relating to improved quality of life, population ageing, medical progress,
prescription freedom, coexistence of primary and secondary needs;

- Dispersed services: problems related to medical demographics, cost of medicines (widespread withdrawal of drugs from the reimbursement list, generic drugs)

- Connected patients who want greater autonomy

Providing better care for less is therefore the main challenge for the sector over the decades to come.

In particular, this can be achieved by developing e-health, prevention, self-care and self-medication, remote medicine, electronic appointments (and more) and by managing personal and healthcare data.

armatis-lc strives to support companies in the healthcare sector while maintaining a strong human link, that’s why it offers solutions that are specifically tailored to the sector. 

Armatis-lc solutions

Our specialised healthcare division has a wide range of expertise in both B2B and B2C, covering the entire customer journey.

Information – Ordering – B2B aftersales:
We manage the entire B2B customer journey, working to reduce customer effort: we informcustomers about the products and commercial policies, check orders, carry out monitoring, take back expired products, and manage disputes, pharmacovigilance and invoicing/accounting/recovery.

Customer acquisition – Gaining loyalty – B2B sales:
We work alongside our partners to increase their volume of business: opening up markets, negotiating on orders, managing product portfolios, promoting service offerings, and leading ad hoc campaigns to support our partners’ commercial strategies.

Relationship-based marketing – Building a professional portfolio:
Our in-depth knowledge of sector products and services allows our teams of specialists to build, develop and increase the value of their customers’ portfolios, thereby supporting their commercial networks and covering vacant sectors.

Amicable recovery:
We advise you on how to define an adapted recovery strategy that is robust and gains loyalty: from a simple reminder to a dispute.

B2B and B2C hotline:
Our staff provide support in the form of information and assistance to users on shared healthcare information systems (healthcare professionals and general public) in a straightforward and informative manner.

Personal service – Assisting patients:
Our experts support and assist patients in the use of various medical devices, and are trained to identify pharmacovigilance cases.

Our experience

We have been building our experience with key players in the healthcare industry for 15 years, during which time we have supported their growth and development throughout the changes in the sector.

Expert and versatile systems (telesales, disputes, technical support, etc.) are key to achieving customer satisfaction, loyalty and commercial performance objectives.

Maintaining a close and trusting relationship with our partners’ professional and private customers.

A flexible and responsive structure that enables us to manage volume fluctuations and business challenges in any situation.

Development of a CRM tool offering a consolidated, multi-channel overview of customer interactions.

An effective approach to customer satisfaction: collecting verbatim feedback, evaluating conversation moods, benchmarks, surveys and consolidating results.

They trust in us

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