Media and telecommunications


Context and sector issues

The media and telecommunications sector is facing increasing competition and pressure on prices, while changes in practices and technologies are creating significant upheavals. 

Although the impact of competition is more marked in the telecoms sector (since the arrival of a fourth supplier in 2012), the development of digital technology and connected objects has, in itself, brought about enormous changes in both media and telecoms.

In addition, the constant innovations in services and technologies is resulting in new sources of revenue, and is changing business models through data and high-speed internet.

These changes are accompanied by an increase in available customer data and therefore raise issues about the security and confidentiality of interactions, as well as respect for the privacy of end customers.

In this complex environment, armatis-lc offers a tailored, multi-channel and community-oriented approach: a way to respond to the challenges of achieving proximity, transparency and responsiveness within your sector.

Armatis-lc solutions

We support our partners in this sector through a wide range of expertise grouped within a “Media and Telecommunications” department. This expertise covers all aspects of the customer’s journey and is complemented by a multi-channel approach.

Information – Customer Acquisition – Sales:
We convert customer interactions into opportunities for selling or upselling, whether through incoming contact or outgoing call campaigns, in compliance with the PCI DSS standard.

Support – Facilitating the customer journey:
We work alongside our partners to reduce customer effort (pathways for personalised support, welcome calls, support in completing the subscription process, etc.) and we take responsibility for monitoring and managing customer files.

Commercial and technical assistance:
We support customers to resolve their issues and incidents, to develop their autonomy in straightforward and informative ways , while also adapting our systems in response to circumstances.

Retention – Gaining loyalty:
Our teams advise, anticipate customers’ needs, and prevent “churn” by processing subscription cancellations with an eye toward conversion to new sales. They seek to offer a unique experience
and in order to do this, they go the extra mile at every point of contact.

We advise you on how to define a tailored and robust recovery strategy that gains loyalty: from a simple reminder to a dispute.

Building a professional portfolio:
Our in-depth knowledge of sector products and services allows our teams of specialists to build, develop and increase the value of their customer portfolio, while adhering to the commercial strategy defined by our various partners.

Our experience

We have been developing our expertise in business areas, environments and targets specific to the
telecommunications and media industry for 20 years alongside the major players in this sector.

Responsive and experienced sales teams, who truly are a force to be reckoned with and are able to respond to any acquisition and prospecting challenges in the sector.

A skills-development focus, with a strong emphasis on commercial performance and a satisfying customer relationship.

An industrial and multi-site approach combined with multi-channel flow management and efficient productivity and performance management
Flexible systems (managing flows/stock/overflow) that comply with standards on data security (secure sites) and banking transaction security (PCI DSS).

Implementation of differentiating approaches to customer relationships (Visio chat, for example), the capacity to suggest new opportunities for innovation and the continuous improvement of services, the deployment of campaigns to measure customer satisfaction, and much more.

They trust in us

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