Context and sector-specific issues

As the real backbone of our society, government administration supports and meets citizens’ needs throughout their lives. 

In this context, government administration bodies innovate and adapt to social and technological developments, as well as budget limitations, to best fulfil their tasks.

The challenge is to improve the service they provide, ensure good access to public services, effectively support the most vulnerable people in society and strengthen users’ confidence in
government administration.

In fact, public services are part of a relationship with users where the key word is attention: a
personalised response that is tailored to the diversity and complexity of each individual situation.

It is also about managing expenditure. In order to do this, state services rely in particular on digital developments (online simulators, personal spaces, mobile applications, etc.) that offer a simple and user-friendly design that is global, consistent and continuous in relation to conventional channels.

armatis-lc examines the challenges that need to be addressed and supports public services by taking on the commitments they have made to users, whether professionals or private, throughout their journey.

Armatis-lc solutions

We have created a “Public administration” department with all the expertise required to support users in their interactions with institutions and public services in an environment that guarantees data security and confidentiality.

Information – Guidance:
Our employees provide information on rights and laws, and support users to handle administrative, family, tax, social and retirement matters and more, while complying with the procedures applicable in France and the Marianne Charter.

File management – Assistance:
We take responsibility for monitoring and managing files, giving particular attention to vulnerable people or those who are less familiar with digital solutions.

Promoting self-care:
We support authorities to reduce their contact volume by developing user autonomy and providing a full, clear and personalised response right from the very first point of contact.

Managing exceptional events:
armatis-lc has the capacity to mobilise significant production resources on an industrial scale with a high level of flexibility, in order to respond to fluctuations/changes in scope within a qualitative and secure environment.

Social networks – Accessibility for all:
In addition to customer relations on social networks, armatis-lc also has the capacity to implement differentiating approaches to relationships, such as Visio chats for the deaf and hearing impaired, providing greater accessibility to all members of the public.

Measuring user satisfaction:
We support the development of a renewed service relationship initiated by public services, measure satisfaction, analyse verbatim interactions, and propose areas for improving business services and procedures.

Our experience

A wealth of varied experience and expertise built up with numerous public sector institutions over many years has helped us to develop our know-how and added value within this sector.

Project teams that specialise in the public sector to address the challenges faced by institutions: managing contact rates, developing self-care, optimising processes, ensuring user satisfaction, streamlining costs, etc.

Tailored processing systems that are adapted to the constraints of this sector: business continuity (back-up sites), data security (secure sites), flexibility with regard to process flows (flows concentrated on certain days, times, etc.), overflow units for internal centres, and more.

Evolving and innovative production tools to provide multi-channel service, return results in real time, assessing the customer voice through surveys and studies, satisfaction assessment, etc.

Sharing key values in relation to social and environmental responsibility, expressed through our  practices (Ecovadis rating): recruiting people who are out of work, active participation in the economic development of regions alongside local stakeholders, reducing our carbon footprint, and more.


They trust in us

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