Transport and tourism


Context and sector issues

The tourism sector has recorded the fastest growth in the world, and represents one third of the global services trade.

According to the World Tourism Organization, we are set to reach 2 billion international tourist arrivals by 2030.

Driven by global changes, a whole host of digital tools are emerging, covering all aspects of travel (artificial intelligence, connected objects, virtual reality, community networks, digital companions etc.).

These changes increase traveller autonomy and freedom, making it essential that customer relations and brand reputation are managed through multiple channels.

The traveller of tomorrow will be 100% connected…

At the same time, customers are increasingly looking for brands that can provide reassurance and address their concerns about security and climate issues. 

Against this background, armatis-lc supports tourism professionals in preparing for technological and sector-specific developments in order to overcome tomorrow’s challenges in this ever-changing area.


Armatis-lc solutions

We support the strong growth of our partners in this sector through a broad range of expertise
grouped within our “Tourism and Transport” department. This expertise covers all aspects of the customer’s journey and is complemented by a multi-channel and multilingual approach.

Information – Sales consulting:
Our employees’ sector-specific knowledge, combined with their experience with pricing/booking tools (Amadeus, for example) enables us to provide advice and support in this field and to convert interactions with travellers into opportunities to sell or upsell, while complying with the PCI DSS standard.

Preparation – Before travel:
Preparation for travel contributes to a customer’s satisfaction and the success of their trip. Our teams provide the best service, no matter the situation, in more than eight languages (changes, cancellations, special events, over-booking, etc.), while also managing the contact rate per customer.

Customer stay – On the spot:
Our specialists take care of customers on site, demonstrating their responsiveness every day by negotiating with suppliers to resolve even the most sensitive of situations (risks, crises, alternative accommodation, disputes, etc.) and protecting our partners’ reputation and brand.

Our experts handle all complaints, carrying out investigations and offering solutions to regain the loyalty of customers who were not satisfied with their travel arrangements.

Social networks:
Interaction on social media is key, strategically speaking, when it comes to visibility, reputation and understanding the customer. That’s why the armatis-lc teams are committed to ensuring an exceptional digital relationship.

Measuring satisfaction:
We measure customer satisfaction, analyse conversations and propose areas of improvement for services and work procedures

Our experience

Strong tourism expertise developed through long-term partnerships, offering numerous synergies and excellent flexibility to manage expected and unexpected peaks in activity, all while maintaining the strictest confidentiality.

Specific training courses in tourism, particularly on the Amadeus GDS, provided by certified training experts.

Tailored measures that are adapted to the restrictions of this sector, providing a customer experience that is consistent with our partners’ world: resolving disputes on the spot, negotiating with suppliers, and managing risks and crises.

Achieving recognition with our partners by our side, such as our award for “Customer Service of the Year”.

The option to support our partners at international level through mixed, inshore, nearshore and offshore solutions.


They trust in us




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