armatis-lc is digitalising its employee experience!

Here at armatis-lc, digital technology has always formed part of the customer culture, where we use it ensure customer satisfaction.
Now, digital technology also forms part of the employee culture, where we are using it as part of our HR practices to achieve our Employee Promise.

The Human Resources Director
has committed to bringing about a digital revolution in HR practices and roles.
In 2017 a range of different digitisation
projects will be implemented to improve the
efficiency, responsiveness and attractiveness of the Employee Experience service.
This employee
service was used for the first time in February, when each employee was provided with
a virtual safe. The virtual safe is a service that provides everyone
with a personal, secure space and allows the HR Director to send paperless
documents and communications so that information can be accessed more simply,
more quickly, more conveniently and in a more practical way, while providing greater
security and protecting our environment.

March, our employees’ payslips
went paperless, and tomorrow, thanks to the introduction of e-signatures,
all HR management ill be optimised via digitisation.
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