Terms of use

Terms of use for the Sites  and Legal information

1 - Acceptance

By connecting to the Armatis-lc group websites (hereinafter referred to as the site or sites) (http://www.armatis.com and https://emploi.armatis.com), and using, searching, downloading content from these sites, etc. the User accepts the Terms of use and Legal information.

2 – Purpose

The purpose of this document is to specify the terms under which Users may use the sites of the Armatis-lc group.

3 – Legal information

The websites of the Armatis-lc group are the property of Armatis-lc Holding (hereinafter Armatis-lc), a simplified joint-stock company with a share capital of €35,157,287, registered on the Nanterre Trade and Companies Register under the number 540 030 484, whose registered office is located at 58, avenue Edouard Vaillant, Bâtiment Upwest, 92100 Boulogne-Billancourt (Contact: Phone: 0820 007 007 / contact@armatis.com)
The sites’ director of publication is the Group’s Digital Project Director Audrey Akriche, who can be contacted at 58, avenue Edouard Vaillant, Bâtiment Upwest, 92100 Boulogne-Billancourt (Contact: Phone: 0820 007 007 / contact@armatis.com)
The sites are hosted on the servers of the OVH company, 2 rue Kellermann - 59100 Roubaix - France.

4 – Intellectual property rights

All the sites (content and presentation) are works protected by existing legislation on copyright and intellectual and industrial property in general.

All intellectual and industrial property rights (copyrights, patents, trademarks), including the right to utilise, reproduce and/or extract, on any type of media, all or any part of the data, files and elements contained on the web pages of this site, as well as the right to represent and/or reproduce all or any part of the site itself on any type of media and the right to modify, adapt or translate the site, are reserved exclusively for Armatis-lc.

The partial or complete reproduction of the aforementioned elements and in general the reproduction of all or any part of this site on any electronic medium whatsoever is strictly prohibited without the prior written consent of Armatis-lc. In addition, all of the trademarks and logos represented on this site are the property of their respective owners.

5 – Guarantees and responsibilities

Armatis-lc may under no circumstances be held responsible for any clerical errors that may have crept into the documents on the site despite the care taken in their publication. In addition, Armatis-lc may not be held responsible for the information, comments and opinions expressed on sites it links to via hypertext links, over which it has no editorial control.
The User agrees to hold Armatis-lc harmless from any action that may be taken against him/her or any complaint made against him/her by a third party due to his/her using the Site under conditions that do not comply with the Terms of use and Legal information.
Armatis-lc also cannot be held responsible for the faulty transmission of data attributable to the various Internet networks or the incompatibility of the User’s Browser.

6 – Protection of Personal Data

When you browse our websites, search them and use our services, you must have transparent, clear and precise information about what we do with your personal data. This information is the basis of trust... See our Internet Data Protection Charter (hypertext link)

7 – Modification of the terms of use

Armatis-lc reserves the right to modify its website’s Terms of use and legal information at any time without notice. Users will be automatically bound by such changes when they browse this website and must periodically read the Terms of use and Legal information.

8 – Information on translucency

In general, you may browse our websites without providing any personal data. However, our sites may contain forms (contact, recruitment, etc.) containing fields for the collection of personal data.
Armatis-lc informs you, in accordance with the current regulations on the protection of personal data incorporating the General Regulations on Data Protection (GDPR) and the Data Protection Act No. 78-17 of 6 January 1978, of the conditions under which your personal data is processed.
Reasons for processing the data
Data processing principles
Recipients of the data
Managing and optimising the customer relationship
Genuine interest in ensuring customer satisfaction and follow-up
All of the Armatis-lc group companies
Legitimate interest in evaluating the candidate's ability to do the job for which he/she is applying
The human resources/recruitment staff of the Armatis-lc group companies and partners working in specific fields 
Surveys, polls and statistics to better assess the quality of its services and anticipate customer needs
Genuine interest in evaluating and anticipating its customers’ needs and their satisfaction
All of the Armatis-lc group companies
To analyse and optimise the site
Legitimate interest in improving the site’s features
All Armatis-lc group companies and some partners working in specific fields 
To contact the User and respond to his/her requests
Prior consent to be requested via a form
All of the Armatis-lc group companies

 9 – Applicable Law

This website is governed by French law. By express agreement, if the parties cannot reach an amicable agreement, disputes will be referred to the Commercial Court of Nanterre, which has territorial jurisdiction, including for summary judgements, multiple defendants, joinders and the introduction of third parties

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